We Are Family (Feelin’ Some Sister Sledge)

My dad has this little photography gig on the side. Which means that my mom has this little wedding coordinator job on weekends. And a great looking couple with extra cameras needs help capturing all those special moments. So my sixteen year old brother and I tag along.

I used to enjoy talking about their adventures at a camo-themed wedding or with a rising country star or, my personal favorite, alongside baby animals. (If you hope for exotic animals at your reception, I’d go get hired at a zoo then marry another zoo employee.) But this summer, my mom was on call one weekend, my brother at a tennis camp another weekend. Pretty soon I found myself chasing down Aunt Tillie for the family formals and snapping pics in some bridal suite downtown. A lot more than just talking.

Though I didn’t ask to be a wedding photographer’s daughter, I’m not complaining. To dress up for the day and dance away the night is anything but dull. It’s a race against everyone’s imaginary checklist. But grandma doesn’t do too well in the heat. Vows and candle lighting turn into a three-part mini series of how-to-put-everyone-in-the-audience-to-sleep. That’s when mom’s smile saves the day. Her occasional pow-wows with the couple keeps us from holding up dinner, ticking off the DJ, or forgetting Aunt Tillie.

When the cake’s been cut and bouquet tossed, my foot starts to twitch. Within me is this this innate, constant love for flailing my arms and legs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the radio or movie credits, life’s a beat, per Reebok, and I’ma dance to it. So last night was all about partying in the USA and shouting, and yeahyeahyeah! 

Photo Booth 2002

Hyped up on cake.

I definitely felt my feet upon waking up for church. My legs were just as cranky this afternoon at my baby cousin’s birthday party… Pastor did say that Jesus was into spending time with people, making their day better (Mary/Martha dealio.) So I don’t regret anything. It’s all fun and games when you have the right attitude about being stuck in an air conditioned room with educated people that offer free food and merriment.

I don’t know what you and your families do for fun, but I would caution that life’s a party–and everyone’s invited.

Cousin turns four, sneaks little swipes of icing, and steals a cookie. All under 2.5 seconds.

Turning four, sneaking little swipes of icing, and stealing a cookie. All under 2.5 seconds.