A New Kind Of Second Opinion — At A Price

Heard this on NPR and was really struck by:

11 minutes = average time doctors spend with patients

$250,000 = upper limit willingly spent to find a diagnosis

0 doctors = replaced by Metamed, medical intelligence of scientists/doctors/computer databases


Let the Medicine Games Begin

What if medicine was like the Hunger Games? I just devoured the first book yesterday and can’t stop imagining all the sub specialties as tributes within hospital battle grounds.

You’d have the Careers–the cardiologists, orthopods, and neurosurgeons–all with the latest gadgets and training. (They’re making fistfuls of money like the Careers taking over the food stock.) That clever Foxface would be the dermatologist with her sneaky reimbursement ways. Next comes dear, little Rue. She’d be your soft-spoken psychiatrist friend, applying tonics and tinctures against burn out and depression. But then she’d get speared… forcing you to retaliate by killing that hoity-toity surgeon.

And you’re the riffraff from district 12. Yeah, you’re in primary care sharing the few, precious resources with the patients you love. Sometimes not even enough for yourself. To survive, you hunt down wild, rabid insurance companies through the forest of employee-covered health insurance while praying for medical supply company sponsorship. And every file-note-click step is tracked by the all-seeing Gamemakers. But who are they to make up new rules and healthcare overhauls?

That’s when you realize that the only way to come out alive is to love what you do. It’s not enough to wear the latest gear or eat all alone like a king or please the crowds. You grab that bow and arrow and rise up to your primary care calling. You take no lives and keep your own. Bring it on, you say to the juggernaut that is healthcare. You’re a girl on fire.

Me when I tell people that I am really considering pediatrics.