A Hear-ty Welcome Back

That’s hear as in your ear kind of hear.

And if you’re reading out loud, which I quite enjoy doing, despite dirty glances and an occasional chiding “keep it to yourself” spat my way, you would especially enjoy taking these out for a spin: otoscope, eustachian tube, transilluminate.

Upon returning from spring break, us first year medical students just wrapped up the head and neck portion of the physical exam. In my starchy white coat, I attempted to decipher words fuzzily familiar to those from anatomy class. My eyes on the patient, my chin nodding in agreement, my brain all aflurry–how is it that I can’t recall what I literally learned a month ago!? An hour of that and I walked out of the examination room hearing a distinct and distant invitation to [word]press on.

And if you’re returning after having ready my lil posts from France, I extend a hear-ty welcome back! to you as well as myself. It has been an awfully long year and some extra months since I last blogged away my adventures. Why not? you may ask, dear reader, and I would reply, without any more French words which are sadly more distant than those pesky anatomy terms, that I have been many a place without much time for recording. But for my sanity and your amusement, I am back.

Let us look back together. How many milestones can we blaze through in a single paragraph? Remember goodbyes in France? Some plane brought me back to undergrad for a final spring semester. My last season of track. 4×4 conference champs. I interviewed to be a doctor. A school sent me some love. I re-met a guy then fell in love. First kiss. An organic farm took me in. A second farm nearer to home won in the end. I left for medical school. Glorious rental home experience. I went whale watching over fall break. 4 Christmases. New Year’s wedding bash! Cheered my spring-breaking, ecstatic heart out at an NBA game…

So no complaints in this first year with many firsts. At least nothing comes to me quite yet, but I’ll keep trying to figure out medschool and maybe share a few laughs, tears, and some sassiness along the way!


Wind a-blowing, fingers about to fall off, I took this picture forreals!


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